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The cost to hire an aluminium poseur table is £15.00 + VAT per week

The cost to hire a black or white lycra cover for an aluminium poseur table is £5.00 + VAT per week

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Our versatile aluminium poseur tables are ideal to use in both the bar area and outdoors at your event.

Whether you need a place where your guests can rest their drinks or a stylish smoking area surface where people can catch up with the latest gossip, our poseur tables are the perfect option.

We can supply both black and white spandex covers for the aluminium poseur table for those clients wanting a different look at their events.

Made from robust aluminium, our poseur table will not rust or corrode in any other way, and is suitable for use outdoors even in the rain.

This robust finish really adds to the versatility of the product, giving you the confidence you need to use it in lots of different locations and for different purposes, both indoors and outdoors.

Our poseur tables are just over one metre tall – the perfect height for leaning against while talking to fellow guests as well as for leaving glasses and bottles on, although you can also combine them with bar stools for an additional seating option.

The poseur tables can also be placed next to the dance floor with the hope that guests will place their drinks on them whilst they are dancing. This can avoid glass as being dropped and causing both a trip hazard and glass on the dance floor.

To find out more about hiring our poseur tables for your event get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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