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    Our stock of Festoon Lighting is ‘on trend’ and suitable for a wide range of events.

    Festoon lighting has become a very popular product with our clients since we introduced it to our hire stock in 2016.

     The most popular use for the white cable festoon lights, is to hang them from the ceiling in the venue (in venues that have suitable fixing points), wrap them around beams, making an overhead canopy, create a backdrop behind a bar, or behind the dance floor. If you have any alternative ideas, we’d be happy to discuss them with you and advise the best possible solution.

    Our festoon lights are LED, so don’t get hot to touch and have Perspex cases (no glass), so are ultra-safe. We are also able to dim the brightness of the festoon lighting if required, great for creating a ‘party atmosphere’ during the evening reception at a wedding.

    The Festoon lighting uses warm white LEDs, which are perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere, especially at night. Their delicate cabling, unlike most festoon lights, lends itself to the romantic and pretty atmosphere most couples are looking to create on their big day.

    Our Festoon lights come in 5 metre sections that can be interconnected, so we can create almost any size / length required.

    To find out more about our Festoon Lighting, or to book some for your event, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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