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The cost to hire each Stage deck (2m x 1m) is £18.00 + VAT

As an example, a 6m x 4m stage with casement around 3 sides costs £241.20 + VAT

To carpet a stage of this size would cost £120 + VAT

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    Stage hire is one of our most versatile products that we supply at Premier, our stage decks have several applications.

    As nearly all live events involve staging, stage hire has become a core part of our business.

    The most common is at conferences, gala dinners and product launches etc. when it’s important to raise the presenters, allowing all delegates to see them clearly. The versatility of our stage hire service means we can offer not just indoor stage hire but outdoor and portable stage hire, as the staging system we use is modular and robust.

    If you are having a band or entertainer perform at your event, you may need to provide them with a stage on which to perform. Many bands will include their preferred stage size in their rider. We have a range of stages and supporting equipment for hire. We can also provide rolling risers for larger stages and festivals.

    At Premier we stock the Prolyte StageDex staging system, an aluminium-framed deck which is among the strongest and most versatile staging systems for hire on the market for building temporary or demountable stages.

    Our stage decks are modular, allowing us to create a size to suit your design as well as the space available in the venue. We are also able to carpet the stage in a colour of your choice so that it blends into the room, and we will dress the side of the stage with casement to render the legs inconspicuous.

    We stock both 2m and 1m handrail sections as well as handrails for the StageDex step units.

    Each section is clamped to its adjoining section to make a strong, robust and level platform. The height of the stage is determined by the length of aluminium legs used – we stock 300mm, 600mm and 1000mm models.

    We stock a number of handrail and step unit options which need to be used on stages that are at 600mm height.

    As well as providing stage hire for the band or DJ, we are often asked to provide a staged area for the top table to be positioned on during the wedding breakfast.

    Looking to create a bespoke DJ booth? We have previously hired out stage decks used as the DJ table and then surrounded it with printed Foamex to create a visually appealing DJ booth, branded for the event.

    The StageDex system is designed to comply with latest codes of practice and design standards, so you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality and will not let you down at your event.

    Our stage hire service can be completely customised to suite your circumstance, whether it’s outdoor or indoor stage hire, with specific dimension requirements and so on.

    To get a quote to hire a stage at your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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