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    Table Pin Spotting is a simple, but highly effective, table lighting solution. We have taken this classic effect into the 21st century.

    Pin spot lighting provide enough light to each table, to allow your guests to enjoy their meal, without spoiling the lighting effect of the room.

    Our table pin spotting units are ideal for evening events where you wish to highlight certain features on the table such as the centre piece or simply do not wish to have the house lights on for the duration of the event.


    Our Stock

    Our lighting fixture of choice for table pin spotting is the Event Bar Pro from ADJ. Fully controllable via DMX, we can control the 10W LED beams remotely from our lighting desk, this allows us to focus the lighting once the tables are in position – much easier and safer than manually focusing from a ladder.



    There are two ways in which we can install our pin spot lights at your venue:

    Our preferred method is to use hanging points in the venue ceiling, if they have any. We can then fly in truss and angle the lights to point directly down at each table.

     The alternative option is to position a stand or truss podium in a corner of the room, place the lights onto the stand and to then angle them onto the tables of the venue to get the same effect.


    Why Use Table Pin Spotting

    Each beam of light creates a sharp focus point at whichever point of the room you choose to highlight, and directs your guests’ attention to your feature.

    The lights are an effective and inconspicuous method to create light in hard to reach places, and add a unique touch to table centre pieces.


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    To find out more about our table pin spotting service, or to book it for your event,  don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team,

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