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Mirror ball costs, start from as little as £80.00 +VAT

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    Nothing creates a traditional ‘disco’ look and feel at an event like a mirror ball!

    Mirror balls, also known as glitter balls and disco balls, are perfect for projecting narrow beams of light in a venue and creating a visually appealing lighting effect.



    Our 30cm and 50cm mirror balls are provided with a motor, LED pin spots to illuminate them, all cables and either a stand or slings to attach them to the ceiling of your venue.

    For larger venues we stock a 100cm diameter mirror ball. We will supply more powerful lighting fixtures to ensure that the effect is not lost in the space.



    For optimum effect a mirror ball should be placed over the centre of the dance floor. However some venues do not have hanging points situated here. To get around this we have previously hung mirror balls from a stand or created a truss goalpost from which we can suspend the mirror ball from.

    We will deliver, install and collect the mirror ball to and from the venue so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


    Get in Touch

    When enquiring about hiring a mirror ball as part of your event, the more information that you can provide about the venue such as the dimensions would be really helpful. A photo allows us to determine if there are any hanging points in the venue for us to attach the mirror ball and associated lighting from.

    To find out more about our mirror balls, or to book one for your event, don’t hesitate get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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