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Prices start from £70.00 + VAT for a standard image in a static position.

The cost for a simple personalised image (your names or company logo) to be projected in a static position is £150 + VAT.

*More intricate designs and moving images will have additional costs. 

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    We can personalise your event by projecting a design, logo or image of your choice, onto the venue floor, walls or even the side of the building.

    Although Image projection is typically used to project client logos, there are numerous options for the image itself. We have a large stock of ‘standard’ images including breakup gobos, stars, snowflakes etc.

    Many of our wedding clients decide to have their names and a date – either when they first met or the wedding date – as the image that is used for projection.

    When image projection is used with LED Uplighting the effect can be quite stunning. For winter wonderland styled events for example we typically wash the walls of the venue in an ice blue and then project white snowflakes onto those blue walls to create the effect.

    The cost for image projection depends on a number of factors.

    • Whether the design to be projected is a custom image, such as a logo, client names or a particularly symbolic or sentimental thing, or a standard image that is in stock with the manufacturer such as hearts or snowflakes
    • How many colours are included in the design
    • The amount of detail in the artwork. Complicated designs need to be etched onto glass gobos for example.
    • Whether the image is to move around the venue or be static.
    • How the light needs to be mounted: lighting stand, truss podium or overhead trussing?

    We are also able to provide our image projection service outside your venue by using waterproof domes. With these you can decorate the exterior of your venue and the surrounding area with light, be that with your logo, names or images – even in the rain!

    To find out more about our image projection we would recommend that you call the office and one of the team will be more than happy to talk through your options with you.

    To find out more about our image projection service, or to book it for your event, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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