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What can I say other than thank you?! You guys and your team seriously helped bring our conference to life in the most amazing way.Our MD was raving about it “the production team are insanely good...I can’t believe how good this is” was one of the texts I received.

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Our video engineers will design a video solution tailored to your event and budget.

Regardless of if your event is for 2,000 or 20 people, our team of video engineers will provide you with a full HD 1080p system to ensure that both video, and slideshow content can be seen clearly.

To determine your video requirements for an event we will look at the size of the venue, number of delegates, availability of flying points and lectern position. This allows us to create a video package that suits the venue and the nature of the event.

For the vast majority of events we have 3 options to consider: front projection, rear projection and large format LCD screens (plasmas). It’s not uncommon for an event to include a mixture of both options, a central projection screen with LCD screens used as repeater screens positioned along the side of the venue.

To ensure a seamless production at live events, as standard we will provide an Analogue Way, Pulse 2 seamless switcher / scaler. This allows us to seamlessly switch between video inputs, as well as providing redundancy, should a single input fail.

PowerPoint content is delivered through high specification Windows laptops with video files played from an Apple MacBook Pro using Playback Pro software.

We stock several sizes of LCD displays, these include 27”, 43”, 50”, 65” and the extremely impressive 98” 4K screen. We only stock commercial screens, manufactured by Panasonic and Samsung.

Premier also own a number of traditional and laser projectors and projection screens in a variety of brightness’s and sizes respectively.

To ensure that we can provide signal in full HD we use broadcast standard SDI cable with Blackmagic convertors when required.

As standard for larger events we will provide comfort monitors, allowing the presenters to see what’s on screen behind them. Presenters will also be given wireless clickers to advance presentations with a wired clicker available as backup.

To find out how we can add video to your upcoming events get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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