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Prices start from £235.00 + VAT to hire a plain black dance floor.

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Our plain black dance floor is a sultry, elegant option for your event, giving your guests the feeling of dancing on a gorgeous marble surface.

This model is load bearing, water resistant, made from non-slip acrylic plastic and has a low profile so your guests will have no difficulty getting on and off it, while our special locking system ensures that the panels cannot come loose during your event.

If the surface at your venue is slightly uneven, the plain black dance floor can still be used, but if you would like it installed in a marquee, the marquee must have a full wooden subfloor.

Many of our clients place one of the illuminated poseur tables on each corner of the plain black dance floor, which gives guests a place to put their drinks when they are finished and can help to avoid drinks being spilt onto the dance floor causing it to become a trip hazard.

All our plain black dance floors are professionally cleaned and polished by hand after every use to ensure they look spectacular when laid at your venue. Our warehouse team even polish the edging!

Our fully trained, pleasant  and uniformed staff will deliver, set up and remove the plain black dance floor after the event so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

A 16ft x 16ft dance floor can be laid in around 30 minutes, allowing it to be put down during the room turnaround at a wedding reception or corporate event if required.

The plain black dance floor panels are 4ft x 2ft, and we can lay both square and rectangular shaped dance floors at your event.

To find out more about the Premier Events plain black dance floor, or to book one for your event or wedding reception, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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