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    Virtual Events have become the norm across the globe, they are not just another Zoom call….

    We have built a number of broadcast studios allowing us to take our clients traditionally ‘in-person’ events and take them online. Packed full of video broadcasting equipment, we are able to produce both live and pre-recorded events that are streamed out to audiences globally.

    For events where the presenters are remote, the virtual studios allows us to deliver broadcast quality production. As well as being convenient, virtual events are also great for the environment by reducing delegate carbon footprints.

    Using branded backdrops; multiple live presenters; graphics; VTs; titling and social media integration the production value achieved for these events is extremely high – this is not just another Teams or Zoom call!

    We are able to stream the live event to all major platforms, including P-VENT.

    We have built in redundancy to all processes and each studio is operated by a minimum of 3 skilled technicians for the live days.


    Virtual Event Process

    Event Setup

    When a booking is confirmed, we will work with you to collate all of the content and work with you to produce the look and feel for your event.

    This involves the layout of your sessions; with any backgrounds you may want, designing lower thirds and transition stinger animations. The setup also includes a demo with yourselves, treating you the same as we would one of the presenters, allowing you get a good feel for how everything works within our system.


    Technical Checks

    Technical checks are carried out pre-event with each remote presenter.

    This is a one-on-one session where we go through any technical matters with them ensuring that their network and laptop settings are correct, as well as camera and microphone settings backgrounds etc.



    The next step is to arrange rehearsals/recording sessions with each of the presenters.

    An advantage of the virtual world is that you can arrange your rehearsal/record days with each presenter on days that suit them.

    Typically, this would be done a couple weeks before the stream is intended to go live, to allow enough time for editing and any rescheduling that may need to happen.



    We have found that a number of clients have chosen to pre-record their sessions in advance of the event. There are a number of advantages to doing this.

    Using the broadcast studios to pre-record remote presenters’ sessions gives us the ability to record them using the same layouts, backgrounds, lower thirds etc as we would on the live stream. Producing a final professional product ready for the live event day!

    Presenters can then join the event ‘live’ for Q&A sessions for example.


    Delegate communications

    Ensuring all delegate comms fit within the event branding is key to building the event identity, and should be consistent from initial invite to the post event wrap up email. Our event management team can help with this if required.


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    To find out more about how the Premier team can help with your next virtual event get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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