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    We have developed the P-VENT Online Event Platform to offer our clients a fully brandable, easy to navigate hub for their virtual events.

    Virtual & Hybrid events are here to stay and at Premier we wanted to ensure that we had the best possible solution for our clients which is why we have developed the P-VENT Platform to run alongside events held at the Premier Studios as well as Hybrid Events at a venue.

    The platform comes complete with all the functionalities you might expect in a virtual event platform, and we are able to develop and add in any additional functionalities you might require on a case by case basis.


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    From the platform you’ll be able to stream live or pre-recorded footage throughout the duration of the live event.


    The following features are included as standard as part of P-VENT:

    • Customised holding page: This page will go live a few days before the event begins and will inform guests when the ‘doors open’.
    • Branded log-in page: Delegates enter their username & password (can be generated by us), granting them access to the platform.
    • Personalised Agenda: If there are multiple sessions taking place, users can have their own agenda.
    • Live stream: The stream can be viewed in full screen or in the platform window.
    • Moderated Q&A: The Q&A module can be fully moderated and comes with the option for guest anonymity.
    • Live chat wall: Delegates can communicate with each other during the event using a Facebook style wall.
    • Live polls: We can schedule live polls throughout the event, allowing for real-time feedback on sessions and content.
    • Breakout Rooms: Split attendees into breakout rooms for sections of an event.
    • Virtual Tables: Great for awards ceremonies, delegates join their virtual table for dinner & networking
    • Online Support: Delegates can contact our team for real-time technical support and advice.
    • 1:1 Video calls: here your guests will be able to se a list of all registered attendees and set up 1:1 video calls with each other
    • Emojis: during the live stream, delegates can fire off emojis allowing you to see how guests are feeling about the content in a fun, informal way.
    • Session rating: as part of our live poll function, we can offer guests the opportunity to rate sessions directly after they take place
    • Post event analytics: We will send you a report post event containing all of the key user metrics.

    The functions listed above are by no means our limits – we are able to build features into the platform to fit any brief! Please let us know your exact requirements and we will be able to share a development cost with you.


    Rate Card

    Pvent Rate Card


    Discounts can be applied for multiple day events, speak to our team to find out more.


    To find out more about the P-VENT Platform and how it could support with your next virtual or hybrid event don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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