Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid Events

Hybrid & Virtual Events

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    Hybrid Events allow events taking place from a studio or venue to be seen by remote audience members.

    A Hybrid Event can be held at a venue, a hybrid event studio or even at a clients offices.


    What is a Hybrid Event?

    The difference between a traditional ‘live event’ and a hybrid event is that for the hybrid option we will use cameras to stream what’s happening on stage to the delegates who couldn’t attend physically via an online event platform, including P-VENT, our very own platform.

    What makes a hybrid event different to a virtual event is that there are no bookshelves in the background, no cats walking in, no kids screaming downstairs. Presenters can concentrate on delivering their content in a professional environment to their physical and virtual audiences.

    Our team will take care of the AV and streaming, ensuring a user-friendly experience for your delegates.


    Why Hybrid Events?

    With social distancing in venues reducing the capacity and more staff working from home, it’s not always going to be possible to ensure that all of the delegates can attend. This is where you can utilise a hybrid event.

    Delegates at home can fully engage with the ‘live event’ by asking questions using an event app. We also have the ability to conduct live polls of both the physical and virtual audience.

    We can use virtual breakout rooms for delegates attending virtually to hang out in during the drinks breaks, great for networking!


    AV Production

    As you would expect at a ‘pre Covid’ event, our AV team will provide the technical equipment that you will require for both of your audiences. We will work with you to ensure that the technical solution meets both your brief and budget.

    At Premier, we are trusted by a number of global brands to deliver their live and now hybrid events, you are in safe hands with our friendly and experienced team.



    Guests typically login to a platform to watch a hybrid event, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Our team work with all of the major providers as well as have our own customisable platform, P-VENT that we designed and built for the needs of our clients events.


    Speak to the Team

    We appreciate that this is a fairly new concept for live events and that you may have lots of questions as to how this all works.

    Need help with Hybrid events? Our team are here to help answer any queries you have; our office number is 0116 2029953 or fill out the contact form or send us an email.

    We look forward to working with you on these new and exciting events.


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