Hybrid & Virtual Events are now at the core of what we offer here at Premier.

As a company we have pivoted from delivering award winning events on-site to delivering them both virtually and from the Premier Studio.

The Premier Studio, is a purpose built event broadcast studio that we have built in one of our warehouses. This premium TV studio has proven to be a huge hit with our clients who have been using it since April.

Our virtual studios allow us to deliver events virtually, even when all of the presenters are at home. We are constantly building more of these to keep up with client demand.

We have also built our own online event platform, P-VENT. Designed and built using our clients requirements, the platform has proven to be a huge hit with both new and existing clients.

Organising virtual & hybrid events is a new experience for nearly all of our clients. Our team are here to help you through the process and ensure that the event is a huge success.

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