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    At Premier, we like to give our clients a personalised event design service that makes a difference.

    Too often with event production companies, after an initial consultation period, all you will receive is an itemised list of AV equipment hire or bewildering breakdown of corporate party packages.

    We have the ability to provide you with an incredibly detailed 3D visualisation of the final look of your event. Our advanced rendering software and in-house design team can create 3D visuals ranging from the location of a stage all the way to highly complex set designs and props.


    Example fly-through

    Our event design 3D visuals have become such a success, thanks to the close nature in which we work with our clients during the design phase, that they are now a fundamental part of what we do and the service we deliver.

    After an initial consultation, our dedicated in house design team use a range of computer software to produce a plethora of 2D and 3D images that form part of our creative proposals.

    On a practical level, our event design service allows us to look at areas such as the seating plan for the event. Will all the tables and chairs fit in the venue once there is a stage, set and dance floor? Are there clear lines of sight for all the delegates? Have we got enough fire doors free? The list is endless, the 3D design provides us with a much clearer plan for the event itself.

    Premier prides itself on how closely we can match up events in reality to our initial 3D visualisations. We have built up a fantastic catalogue of 3D images of previous events that highlight this fantastically well.

    Get in contact today and get your event, from small party to large conference, visualised with our team.

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