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The cost to hire a 6m x 4m starcloth (with pipe and base support) is £149.00 + VAT

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    Create the feeling of an awe-inspiring starry night in your venue with these black wool serge ShowLED starcloths, arguably the finest cloth of its type.

    Ideal for covering an entire venue as well as use as a backdrop for a DJ or band. Our range of starcloths are provided with a controller to set the brightness and twinkling speed of each star in the fabric.

    The starcloth is erected using a specialist pipe and base system – this free standing and telescopic method does not need to be secured to the venue in any way and can reach up to 5m in height. In addition, they are made from a fire retardant wool serge material for your safety and peace of mind.

    We are able to supply both single and double door traps, which allow us to mount the black starcloth above fire doors in your venue. With the door traps, we can cloth right up to the door as well as in the area above the door; this creates the appearance of a continuous cloth throughout your venue. The door surrounds also come with fire exit signs, which allow us to cover fire doors in the venue.

     To be able to give you an accurate price for star clothing an entire room, we would need to know the dimensions of the walls that you would like to be covered as well as how many doors we need to cloth around. Your venue should be able to give you a room plan which we can work from, although a site visit may be required to determine exactly how many cloths are required.

    To find out more about the Premier Events black starcloths, or to book this product for your event, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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