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    With social distancing in full force in the UK at present, many clients are looking to move their events ‘online’.

    At Premier, our background is in delivering ‘live events’ with guests in attendance, however with that not always possible at present, we are still here to help you deliver your message. There are a number of ways that we can facilitate this for you, allowing business leaders to communicate with their teams in a professional manner and ensure that all stakeholders are ‘on-board’ with the company message.

    If you have only a handful of presenters and they can be in the same room, then we would look to create a ‘conference environment’ at the venue. Typically, this would be at your head office or a venue.

    Our AV team can provide you with a scaled back set and stage solution, to reflect that there will only be a handful of people in the room. It can still include video playback for any PowerPoint or video content, as well as everything else that you would expect as a presenter such as a lectern and comfort monitors etc.

    The only difference being, that your audience will be sat at home. Our team will stream the content directly to your attendees laptops or mobile devices.

    Worried about security? We can use password protected systems to ensure that only those people with the password can access the stream.


    Does it have to be live?

    If you don’t need audience engagement, then there is an option to record the event. We can then edit it into a seamless production and stream it out to your audience. This still provides you with the option to gather any questions from the audience in advance and to answer them during the event. The live stream can be retained in order that it can be viewed by anyone who missed the broadcast, or for future reference.

    If you are wanting to have an interactive session however, then running the event live does allow your audience to ask questions in real-time. We have a number of solutions that allow users to submit questions that can be moderated, before being asked publicly.


    What if the presenters are also self-isolating?

    Have you got a situation where all of the presenters are at home? That’s fine as well, we can work with you to ensure that the event can still go ahead, either live or pre-recorded and then released.

    We have solutions for multiple presenters to be live simultaneously and can direct the production from a remote location, whilst remaining in communication with all involved.

    As long as you have an internet connection, pretty much anything is possible.


    Got any questions?

    Our team are on hand to answer any questions that you have about event streaming. We appreciate that it’s something that’s new to many clients, rest assured though; you are in safe hands with the team at Premier.

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