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    Premier Events are here to support you in all your festival and outdoor production needs.

    We work alongside you to create a bespoke and immersive guest experience. As a company, we can offer a level of support tailored to your requirements. From exclusively managing and supplying your entire festival needs – to supplying, installing and managing individual elements of a festival in conjunction with other companies and agencies. We are completely focused on providing a service specific to your unique event.

    Outdoor Technical Production

    Our wide stock of AV equipment can satisfy any festival and outdoor event’s needs. We primarily stock L’Acoustics speaker systems which not only provide exceptional sound quality; but this fantastic range of speakers is vastly popular across the industry both in the UK and internationally due to its flexible, scalable nature along with its ease and speed of deployment. This system pairs beautifully with our Yamaha sound desks – a brand of console often requested and favoured by many touring engineers.

    What can We provide For A Festival?

    Our Event Management team can work with you to ensure that your festival is successful from the planning stage right through to the clear up.

    We will work with you to provide catering, theming, music artists and bands and ensure that the festival runs smoothly through the whole process.

    We stock sound, lighting and stage equipment for any size festival big or small. We also have high-quality Unilumin LED Video Wall that can be used on stage to provide a dramatic backdrop.

    Corporate Festivalisation

    We work with global companies to create a festival for their employees, shareholders, franchises or as a marketing tool for customers to enjoy.

    The team at Premier Events take a traditional conference or awards ceremony and turn it into an exciting experience for delegates

    We can source a location, indoors or outdoors, plan the layout with you and your team and create an immersive experience for everyone to enjoy.

    Premier Events have connections with big-name music artists that can perform at the festivals dependent on budget.

    Festivalisation has turned the corporate world on its head and created a much more lively experience for annual conferences.


    The diverse range of lighting fixtures Premier Events stock will ensure your festival is a visually stunning and exciting event for your guests to experience. Whatever the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve, our talented team of lighting designers and technicians can bring this to life on your stage with excellent attention to detail.

    Our AV team can also provide expertise in video with the backing of the great equipment we have available. Through these resources, we can provide many video technical must-haves including; live feed camera solutions, playback and control systems, reliable social media streaming, amongst other live feed and recording solutions. If you’re looking for a large scale, high impact video solution; look no further than our LED Wall, with pixel pitch as low as 2.6mm available.

    Power & Distribution

    Premier Events are able to provide heavy mains power and distribution. No matter how large or small your site, we have the expertise to be able to supply the correct power generators and fuelling, cabling, and distribution in a variety of formats.

    Staging can be anything from a small, simple 6x4m decking solution to bespoke layer structures with large scale audience capabilities. We work closely alongside a number of suppliers to create unique and eye-catching structures and designs for your staging needs. In addition to this, we can help you to design stage decor that will compliment your event aesthetic and bring your vision into reality.

    Structures & Staging Design

    To help you properly plan and visualise the end result you want from these designs our CAD team can support you right through the design process, creating CAD’s and 3D renders of your event for your approval leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the look you want all the way through from design to reality.

    For more information about the services and products available get in touch with our friendly team.

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