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Holding a festival or outdoor event? Premier are on hand to help with everything you may need.

Premier Events have the equipment, creativity, and technical expertise to deliver stunning festival stages with complete power, structure, staging, sound, video and lighting solutions.

Our experienced team will work with you to produce a successful and memorable festival that is tailored to meet the needs of your event, budget and site.

We stock industry standard and state of the art sound, lighting, and video equipment guaranteeing your event will look and sound incredible. Our highly skilled projects team are able to guide you through all technical aspects, whether you require full festival production or just the hire of the right equipment.

Premier Events can either exclusively manage and supply your entire festival AV needs or alternatively we can supply, install and manage individual elements of a festival in conjunction with other companies or agencies. We are completely flexible, based on requirements.


Sound Hire

Our L-Acoustics PA Systems are scalable, meaning we can easily design and build packages for small, medium, and large events alike.

We have the ability to provide everything for your festival, from monitors through to full front of house arrays.

We stock a wide range of microphones, stands, cables, amplifiers and loudspeakers, and rigging solutions, all of which are highly maintained by our warehouse team.


Lighting Hire

We’ve invested in a variety of new fixtures, updating and improving our existing stock. From par cans to searchlights, we can supply all of your stage and site lighting requirements.

We’re also able to help you to create a unique and impactful lighting design that will leave your audiences stunned.


Video Hire

Unsure that your entire audience will be able to catch all of the action?

We’re able to supply a whole host of live feed and recording options depending on the scale of your festival. Our playback and control systems are state of the art, meaning totally reliable seamless operation throughout.


Premier Events have invested £200k in Unilumin LED Video Wall which provides very high-quality video, which stands out from the crowd. Full HD video quality can be shown using our video wall and 4K resolution can be achieved with just 60 square meters of wall.

The quality of our LED Video Wall ensures that wherever you stand in the crowd you’re able to see the display.


Sparkulars are a non-hazardous special effects solution that can be used anywhere, even in venues where fireworks and pyrotechnics are banned.

They provide the wow factor to festivals that are often done through pyrotechnics however, they provide a cold firework fountain.

The lower temperature of the sparks, lack of smoke, and lack of odor make these cold fireworks an ideal effect for indoor and outdoor events alike.

Structure & Staging Hire

We have a large stock of Prolyte H30V truss, the industry standard that is used on festival stages worldwide. The versatility of H30V means we can be creative with the structures we design, keeping load ratings and deflection in mind at all times.

Our Prolyte modular stage deck system is also widely used by the music and entertainment industry, and is easily configurable into an infinite number of sizes, shapes, and heights.


Power & Distribution

One of our most recent areas of improvement has been heavy mains power and distribution. No matter how large or small your site, we have the expertise to be able to supply the correct power generators and fuelling, cabling, and distribution in a variety of formats.


Set Design

Really want to make your event stand out from the crowd?

A bespoke set or stage design can make the difference between a good and a great event. We have the ideal blend of creativity and technical knowledge, so you can be sure that your stage is eye-catching yet safe.

As an integral part to our design process, we produce detailed 3D visuals allowing us to communicate our ideas and your suggestions with ease.


For more information about the services and products available get in touch with our friendly team.

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