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For conferences, award ceremonies and company meetings up to approximately 100 people, our small conference package ticks all the boxes.

The focal point of the package is the conference set, there are 3 options to choose from and each option can incorporate either a 4:3 or 16:9 rear projection screen.

So what’s included?


Set Package A, B or C

  • 5m x 2m carpeted stage with step unit
  • 16′ wide by 10′ tall covered set (in colour, or colours of your choice)
  • Trilite Lectern
  • 8’ x 6’ or 10’8” x 6’ rear projection screen


Small Audio Package

  • 2x Speaker PA system (L-Acoustics 8XT)
  • Media Player (for background music and stings)
  • 2x Lectern Microphones
  • 1x hand held wireless microphone


Small Lighting Package

  • 6x LED uplighters for the set (colour of your choice)
  • 2x profile lights to wash the stage
  • Dimmer to adjust the brightness


Small Video Package

  • BenQ 2,500 lumen projector
  • 1x Dell laptop for PowerPoint content
  • Hive Microcue (clicker) for advancing slides
  • 27” comfort monitor in felted hide


Essential Items

  • Felted flats to hide away the technician
  • Production case, including items such as tools and tapes


Technicians, Crew & Logistics

  • Installation at your venue by an engineer and a member of our event crew
  • Our engineer to stay on site and run AV throughout the day
  • De-Rig of the equipment after the event by the engineer and additional crew


The cost to hire all of the above is £2,000 +VAT



  • The above is based on the assumption that the event is taking place within a 2-hour drive of Leicester
  • That the working day for the engineer is no more than 12 hours


Additional Costs

  • Mileage is charged at 45p per mile each way

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