Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands

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    Our modular exhibition stands provide a fixed cost stand solution which can be scaled to the size of space you have booked.

    Regardless of if you exhibit at numerous exhibitions throughout the year, or if your upcoming stand is a ‘one off’, our modular system is extremely effective. Our clients commission us to install our modular exhibition stands throughout the UK.

    We are able to design a stand to your spec, or you can choose from some of the example options shown below.

    Our team can look after both the installation of the stand, as well as liaising with the exhibition organiser regarding booking power, internet and site access etc.

    With a 3D design department in house, we are able to provide a visual representation of what your stand will look like at quote stage, ensuring that you know what you are committing to before making a booking.

    Our in house team are happy to assist with artwork for the stand itself. We are able to supply graphics in either rigid, roll-up or tension fabric materials. If the stand is to be used more than once, with the same content, we would recommend either roll-up or tension fabric material.

    As standard we will install a sub floor on all modular stands, this allows us to provide power and data cables in the floor to any plinths etc positioned away from the perimeter walls, as to not cause a trip hazard.


    Furniture & Accessories

    Our team can supply a wide range of furniture items to your stand as well as additional items including fridges, iPads etc.

    The above example designs can be customised as per your preference or we can create a bespoke stand for you based on your brief.

    To find out more about our modular exhibition stand options for your upcoming exhibition don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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