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    Our event technology offering covers a wide range of products and services.

    At Premier we have our own event technology systems that we have created internally, as well as access to a suite of options to enhance your event.

    Different systems can be used to add a wow-factor to a presentation, improve delegate experience through increased efficiency.

    Event technology can act as a vital aide to event management through the use of centralised databases and can improved delegate communication.

    Bespoke Event Apps & Websites

    A dedicated app for your event can be a huge asset, advantages include streamlined delegate registration and communication, improved brand prominence, flexibility of scheduling, reduction in print media costs and opportunities for delegates to network in new ways.

    Event Registration Systems

    If a dedicated event website or app is not required for your event or conference, a bespoke delegate registration website can save a huge amount of time in the planning process.

    Interactive Audience Participation Systems

    In a conference, meeting or training session, giving participants the ability to interact with the presenter can bring many benefits.

    Learning outcomes can be improved through the use of interactive quizzes to assess understanding. Presenters can easily gauge prior knowledge, identify opinions of attendees, or vote on important strategy decisions.

    We have experience providing wireless voting keypads and also smart-phone based systems for audience participation that enable the immediate display of voting results on-screen if appropriate. Seamless integration with PowerPoint is possible with some systems.

    Our Catchbox microphones are also exceptionally popular for Q&A sessions.

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