Social Media Hub

The Social Media Hub is the latest addition to our range of products that will encourage engagement at your live event.

Fully customisable, the social media hub can be used at a wide range of events and we operate nationwide.

So what is it?

The social media hub becomes the focal point at any event offering a great place to encourage attendees to take photos and selfies.

The left-hand side section is typically used as a step and repeat wall and personalised for each event. It can however be much more, think shimmer walls, flower walls, neon signs or event branding.

The central section contains a 50” screen which can be used to display the event #hashtag. It could also or be used to show a social media wall containing guests posts that are on Twitter, Instagram or Slack etc.

On the right-hand side, we build a mosaic of your logo or event slogan etc using photos taken at the event of your guests. These photos can be gathered from a number of sources, including our photographers, iPad selfie mirrors, magic selfie mirrors, video flip or simply posted on social media.

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Can I personalise it?

Absolutely, all of the panels can be personalised to suit the event branding, we can artwork and print this for you to ensure that it fits perfectly. The content displayed on the 50” screen for example could show any of the following:

• Social Media Wall
• Your event #hashtag
• Photos from the event taken by your photographer
• Company videos

Tell me more about the mosaic.

As standard, we build a mosaic at the event which requires 625 photos to complete. We can make this larger or smaller however, depending on the number of guests you have at your event and how likely they are going to be to want to get involved with having photos taken.


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Why book the Social Media Hub?

There are lots of reasons why the hub works at live events, including:

Branding & Sponsorship – You may want to get your branding and potentially your sponsors logos to a wide audience. By creating a focal point for the photos to be taken and shared on social media, your overall ‘reach’ will be much improved.

Guests love a Photo – The Selfie is as popular as ever, whether if it’s with their own phones or our iPad selfie mirrors. It’s also a great backdrop for award winners.

Mosaics are cool – Guests love to see their photo being used to create the mosaic; it gives them a sense of involvement with the event.

Share the Mosaic – As well as receiving the printed mosaic at the end of the event, our team will produce a high-resolution version that you can print or share digitally with your guests post-event.

It’s Bespoke – We are the only company in the UK offering the Social Media Hub, we developed the idea internally and turned it into a product that we can provide for our clients.

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