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Want to make your next event, activation or marketing campaign stand out? Using photo technology our BRAND NEW PROJECTOR booth is a fully customisable and interactive photo experience.

Using either the Ring Light, GIF or #HASHTAG booth, we can bring your event, activation or campaign to life using state of the art projection technology.

Turn your photos, GIFS and videos into vibrant and striking performances in the most innovative way to date. Each activation is unique, brandable and immersive creating an unforgettable experience as well as unique content to be shared into the digital world.

Each activation will be unique and bespoke to your brief to help promote your campaign or convey a message. We can leave complete creativity to you or if you are looking for inspiration, we have an enormous catalogue of digital art that can be used to project onto your backdrop.

Our dynamic Projector booth software partnered with our in house brand geeks, provide the ultimate solution to increase exposure to your brand or event. Here at premier we can create user friendly workflows to help capture Selfies to be shared via social media. We have the ability to use photo technology to expand your brand’s organic social media reach.

Users can share customised selfies as well as animated GIFs which are between 4 and 6 individual photos stitched together and looped. GIFs will take your event to the next level and are totally on-trend with all ages. They are perfect for environments such as festivals, exhibitions, salons, retail and fashion stores, cinemas, shopping centres, cinemas, along with bars and clubs to maximise brand exposure in a world where everything is digital.



  • 3 Hours Run Time (not including the setting up and packing down time)
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photos & Gifs can both be created
  • Unlimited text messages with a link to your photos & gifs
  • Fully customised photos (insert your names or a company logo etc)
  • AR Props
  • All photos supplied on a USB stick after the event
  • An experienced and friendly host
  • Chic gloss POD featuring a 12.9” screen, ring light & a compact short-throw 2800 lumen DLP projector capable of HD and 3D.
  • Post Event Social Media Metrics

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This Illuminated custom made Projector booth features a huge 12.9” iPad with amazing picture quality.  The software used is packed full of features so guests will enjoy an amazing and seamless user-friendly experience creating endless Photos & GIFS at live events and activations.

Built into a chic gloss pod the GIF booth is a visually-stunning product and will look great at your event. If you are looking for something a little unique or on brand, our in-house designer can create a customised wrap of the whole booth alternatively we can build the Projector booth into a customised structure.

We customise the experience from the outset with branded touchpoints, workflows, augmented reality, props and printed outputs. Not only can guests receive a customised selfie print, they will also have the option to receive a digital copy via text or email for them to share to their favourite social media channels.

Our Projector booth is the full package when partnered with one of our amazing backdrops. We stock Video Walls, Shimmer Walls, Neon & Flower Walls, Step & Repeat Walls, Green Screen Technology as well as custom Immersive Experiences



The Ring Light Booth is the ideal tool for taking photos and encouraging guest interaction at corporate events.
Being able to fully brand the photos printed from the kiosk makes the Ring Light Booth a great marketing tool combined with a fun-filled experience. We can incorporate your company logo onto the final image, which can comprise of up to 4 individual photographs.


The branding opportunity makes hiring our Ring Light Booth ideal for use at trade shows as well as exhibitions. Visitors to your stand can have a photo taken and leave with your company logo and website on a printed photo that they will want to keep.


Regardless of the occasion the Premier Ring Light Booth is always a huge hit. With its easy to use interface the Ring Light Booth can be operated by all ages, from children aged 5 all the way through to great grandparents.


The Ring Light Booth links seamlessly with our Photo Mosaic Wall, which creates a mosaic of an image of your choice, using photos taken at your event.


New leads fuel your sales funnel and the software on our ring light photobooth has the ability to capture data during the user experience. Perfect for brand activations, guests provide their contact information after they have already immersed themselves into the experience.


We connect people with brands through photo technology. Our dedicated team can bring you user-friendly experiences, not yet seen, making your brand stand out. We always strive to bring new innovative products and vision to the market so your next activation is one that needs to be remembered.


We work with brands to help them to spread the word about their new product whether it is a new flavour of crisp or a new item on the menu. The ring light photo booth can be used to create photos that can be shared on social media, using a green screen branded backdrop containing your new product.

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