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    The Premier Magic Selfie Mirror is packed full of features that makes our mirror stand out from the competition.


    The mirror prints the photos

    The mirror has an inbuilt Dye Sub Printer; this allows us to instantly print the photos taken by the mirror.

    We include unlimited prints in the cost of the mirror for your guests to take away with them.

    As standard the prints are 6’ x 4’.

    Its a full-length mirror

    The Premier Magic Selfie Mirror is one of only a handful of full-length mirror photo booths in the UK.

    Its ornate gold frame allows it to have the appearance of being a full length mirror.

    It takes great photos

    The core task of the magic mirror ‘selfie’ photo booth is to take photos, but not just any photos.

    The mirrors inbuilt Cannon DSLR camera and inbuilt flash allows it to take high definition photos.

    You can choose between 1 and 4 photos per print as well as if the photos are printed in landscape or portrait.

    We will provide the props

    We have a full selection of props including hats, wigs, glasses etc for your guests to wear if they wish for their photos.

    Digital Copies

    We will provide you with a digital copy on a USB stick of all of the photos taken at the end of your booking.

    Text to Phone

    Assuming that the venue has Wi-Fi, the magic mirror has the ability to send the photos taken directly to individuals phones via a text message.

    Sign your name

    Your guests can touch the screen (mirror) and sign their name.

    This signature is typically placed over the last photo taken, although can be located in a position of your choice on the design.

    Fully Customied Prints

    We have a number of design options for the printout itself, including the colour scheme, number of photos as well as the location of the signature.

    Our team will work with you to create your template.

    Magic Selfie Mirror - In Action


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