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    Our 360X photobooth is the ideal brandable immersive experience where users can create and share a slow motion, boomerang style videos from all angles.

    This innovative product captures a 20 second 360 degree video clip. Our high tech software processes the content to create a stunning and seamless video of the experience being performed to be shared to the world.

    Like many products here are Premier Events, 360X photobooth has been designed for many applications and campaigns. The camera 360X is perfect for brands specifically to amplify a campaign with content that will engage with the audience and create a higher social reach.

    We provide you with as much creative freedom as needed in the campaign to create the perfect 360X photobooth activation. Our creative team can design with you, an engaging, fully immersive and interactive photo experience that will deliver outstanding results.

    Each activation will be designed around instant sharing of the experience. Like many of our products, the activation will benefit from branded touch points, visual effects, music as well as instant sharing via customised emails and text/mms.

    Branding of the platform and capture POD is also an added feature which allows activations to be seen drawing attention and encourage the use of this fantastic product.



    From the initial enquiry, our creative team will be in touch to design the perfect 360X activation which fits into your campaign. Once the activation has been designed, our creative team will work with one of our activation managers who will be responsible in delivering the campaign. We lead each project from the outset giving the ultimate experience adhering to code and conduct, data security and brand protocols.




    360X photobooth is a fun and exciting experience for taking boomerang style videos and encouraging guest interaction at corporate events. We will create an exciting immersive experience that engages with guest participation.


    The branding opportunity makes hiring the 360X photobooth for use at trade shows as well as exhibitions. Visitors to your stand can experience the 360X photobooth and leave with a fantastic output to be shared on social media expanding the footfall of your brand.


    Regardless of the occasion, the 360X photobooth is always a huge hit. With its easy to use interface the 360X photobooth time can be enjoyed by all ages. Bullet time is an exciting product and it’s unlikely your guest have experience it before making it unique.


    If you are a brand and have a new product to shout about, the 360X photobooth is the perfect fit. Our team will design the perfect activation based on social reach. Using a brand ambassador or model our 360X photobooth technology will be sure fire hit to expand the product into your digital campaign.


    New leads fuel your sales funnel and the software we use at each 360X activation has the ability to capture data during the user experience. Perfect at activations, guests provide their contact information after they have already immersed themselves into the experience.


    We connect people with brands through photo technology. Our dedicated creative team can bring you a user friendly experience not yet seen making your brand stand out. We always strive to bring new innovative products and vision to the market so your next activation is one that needs be remembered.

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