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    Here at Premier Events, we provide step and repeat walls using the worlds most versatile modular display & Digital LED systems.

    Effective branding gives your event an identity that can tie together different elements and reinforce the message being delivered. It should inspire and engage people as well as excite them.

    Step and repeat wall are used for a number of applications to convey effective branding including Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Fashion Shows, Brand Communications, Live Streaming, Private Parties, Charity Fundraisers & Custom Activations, the list is endless.

    The most popular application for a step and repeat wall would be for attendees to stand and pose for a photograph at an awards ceremony however there are many more applications our customisable step & repeat walls can be used for.

    We stock two different step and repeat wall systems:


    Tension Fabric, Foamex or Magnetic Graphics

    We use T3 to create our printed Step & Repeat walls. It is the most unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable modular structure. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build and nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

    All T3 step and repeat walls come complete with fully designed tension fabric graphics, rigid PVC, foamex, semi-rigid PVC or acrylic to convey your brand, logo or sponsor.

    We use the highest quality print and we pride ourselves on delivering a premium fully managed product. Due to the flexibility of the product we can create Step and Repeat walls to suit your venue.


    Digital Step & Repeat Walls

    The benefits of a digital Step & Repeat wall are that logos can move around the wall during the event creating more of a focal point for them. We are also able to utilise ‘take overs’ where a particular logo is displayed on the entire wall.

    Our Unilumin video wall has the ability to installed as a digital step and repeat wall, in a straight line, as well as convex or concave curves. We can alter the angle of the curve to suit your requirements, even incorporating convex and concave curves in the same screen. We also stock a quantity of 90 degree corner panels for seamless external corner joints – these help in creating interesting structures and sets.

    We stock both ground support and flying frame options allowing us to tailor the install and size of the video wall to suit the look and feel of your event.

    At 2.6mm pitch we can achieve full HD resolution at 5m wide and 3m tall making our wall suitable for indoor applications with shorter viewing distances from 2.6m. 4K resolution can be achieved with just 60 square meters of wall.


    Lighting & Carpets

    Ensuring that the Step & Repeat wall is well lit is just as important as the wall itself. We have a number of lighting solutions for this depending on the size of the wall and the ambient light in the venue where it is to be situated.

    To accompany the wall, many clients ask us to also provide a red or black VIP carpet which runs alongside. This helps to turn the Step & Repeat wall into a VIP space that guests want to take a selfie against. We are also able to add ropes and posts should you need to manage the crowds.



    Prior to print or conversion to a digital file, the artwork will always be checked by our technical team as well as sent to or clients to proof.

    We strive to ensure that the step and repeat walls we create are installed on site correctly, therefore we prebuild all applications prior to the event to ensure no problems are received on live day.


    Delivery & Installation

    Our team can deliver, install and subsequently remove the step and repeat wall at a time and location to suit your event timeline. We are used to working overnight if required to ensure that the wall is ready for the start of the live event.

    Step & Repeat Wall in Action


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