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Looking for something new for your next event?

Our social media wall allows us to create bespoke live digital walls for live events. With audience engagement at live events becoming more of a priority and events moving into a more digital world, we have found that our clients have been embracing social media walls at their events recently.

We now offer this as an all-inclusive service.

These live social walls allow all of your guests to get involved with the event which encourages them to stay engaged in your event. If you are encouraging the use of a hashtag for your event, it’s an exceptionally powerful tool.


Quite simply, the social media wall allows your guests/delegates to upload photos, social media posts and text messages to a customised live stream which is displayed at your event for everyone to see.

This can be placed on LCD screens around the venue and/or on a large videowall display for all to see.

The content for the wall is uploaded via your chosen hashtag for the event, increasing audience participation at the event along with your online presence.

A Premier Events technician will monitor posts before they appear on the wall for profanity purposes.

Like what you see? Get in touch and we can give you a call.

What’s included in social media wall hire?

We will work with you in the lead up to your event to create a ‘content plan’. This will involve agreeing in advance which methods of collating content for the wall we are going to incorporate for your event.

Our design team will design your event wall, in accordance with your event branding and get this signed off by you in the days leading up to the event.

On the day of the event we will provide an experienced ‘wall host’ who will ensure the smooth running of the social media wall, as well as being the moderator to ensure that no inappropriate content reaches the wall.

What about the screen?

There are 3 options to consider with the screen. As an event production company, we have large stocks of LCD Screens and stands, Projectors & Screens and LED Video Wall that we can use to display the social media wall on.

We appreciate however that many clients may need us to simply provide the social wall and to ‘patch’ that into the AV company’s or venues screen.

We are happy to do either of the above, we will liaise with all stakeholders in advance of the event to ensure that the wall works smoothly for the live event.

Where does the content for the wall come from?

  • Twitter– We can gather content by using #hashtags, keywords, phrases, user@mentions and from@users
  • Instagram– We can pull in Instagram content by using #hashtags and from@users
  • Slack– We can include any/all of your channels
  • SMS– For those guests who haven’t embraced social media, we can set up a text message number for them to upload their photos to
  • Email– Everyone has an email account; we can set you up an event email address for guests to send their photos to
  • Web Form– We can create a QR code that when scanned links to a customised web form where users can post their content
  • Magic Selfie Mirror– We can take the photos taken on site with one of our Magic Selfie mirrors and upload these directly to the wall.
  • iPad Selfie Mirrors– If you book our iPad selfie mirrors for your event, we can use these photos on the wall as well
  • Photographer – Booked an event photographer, we can upload their photos to the wall
  • Video Flip– Booked our video flip package, we can upload these images as well.
  • Photo Mosaic Wall – If you are using one of our photo mosaic walls at your event we can incorporate these images as well.

Other applications can be indirectly incorporated into the wall, such as Microsoft Teams or Yammer for example. If you set our team up as users, we can then feed in these photos as well.

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