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Bring you brand to life by creating a unique customer experience that will get heads turning, people talking which will increase social reach and get your brand exposed.

Gone are the days of the usual marketing practices, in today’s modern world it’s now about the customer journey and their experience. We use photo technology to bring your brand closer to people and we have a range of products in our portfolio to help achieve the results.

Being a full event production, management and engagement company, we can manage the whole campaign for you. This is particularly useful when you are touring in multiple locations and cities at the same time or during a roadshow.

Every event journey is different whether launching a new business, using our tools to promote a brand or want to get an individual message out to the world. We have a whole host of ideas that are bold, eye catching but ultimately experiential.

From the initial enquiry, our engagement and creative team will work together to conceptualise your campaign. Our teams will design to your requirements, a model of the idea and provide data of the potential reach. This modelling is useful to see so you understand how the activation will run from the outset.

If you are looking for a full interactive permanent installation, our team can certainly deliver. We are experts in providing and delivering digital installations through photo and video playback technology

With a cleaver campaign we can broaden the social reach to increase the digital footfall to your brand.


How do we do this?

Photo Mosaic Wall

Photo Mosaic Wall

The photo mosaic wall creates a mosaic of an image or logo, using photos taken at an event via several customisable sources.

Our team have designed 4 standard sized photo mosaics for events from 324 – 2100 photos.

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Social Media Hub

The Social Media Hub is the latest addition to our range of products that will encourage engagement at your live event.

The social media hub is made up of 3 section, a step and repeat wall for photo opportunities, a central section containing a 50” screen displaying the event #hashtag, or a social media feed.

The final section contains a photo mosaic wall of an image or logo using photos taken at the event.

Social Media Hub



Our 360X photobooth is the ideal brandable immersive experience where users can create and share a slow motion, boomerang style videos from all angles.

This innovative product captures a 20 second 360 degree video clip. Our high tech software processes the content to create a stunning and seamless video of the experience being performed to be shared to the world.

#Hashtag Booth

Our dynamic #HASHTAG software partnered with our brand geeks is the ultimate solution to increase exposure to your brand or event.

Here at Premier Events we can create user-friendly workflows to help capture #HASHTAG data from digital content shared via social media.

We have the ability using photo technology to expand the organic social media reach of your brand through hashtags.

Hashtag Booth

Bullet Time

Bullet Time

This innovative product captures movement and creates a matrix style effect through a high resolution, multi camera array on a 180 degree structure. Our high tech software processes the content to create stunning and seamless 3D photos of the experience being performed to be shared to the world.

Like many products here are Premier Events, Bullet Time has been designed for many applications and campaigns. The camera array is perfect for brands specifically to amplify a campaign with content that will engage with the audience and create a higher social reach.

Immersive Experiences

In today’s modern world, people want an experience to feel that they are actually taking part in something special.

Our immersive events are generally interactive, visual and can be performance-led. From an initial brief, we conceptualise your idea to generate a personalised, captivating and multi-sensory audience experience.

Immersive Experiences

Displaying the reach in real time

It’s all about the Event #HASHTAG – Our social media wall allows us to create bespoke live digital walls for live events. With audience engagement at live events becoming more of a priority and events moving into a more digital world, we have found that our clients have been embracing social media walls at their events. We will work with you in the lead up to your event to create a ‘content plan’. This will involve agreeing in advance which methods of collating content. Our design team will design your event wall, in accordance with your event branding and get this signed off by you in the days leading up to the event.


Bespoke Experiential Campaigns

We connect people with brands through photo technology. Our dedicated creative team can bring you a user friendly experience not yet seen making your brand stand out. We always strive to bring new innovative products and vision to the market so your next activation is one that needs be remembered.

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