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    Delegate management and communication is one of the most important elements of any event.

    That’s why our expert team of event managers are on hand to ensure your guests are communicated with clearly and consistently throughout the event, generating great ROI and engagement for your brand.

    With our bespoke email invitations, online registration sites and tailormade event apps, we offer a dynamic approach to communicating with your guests. Every piece of communication can be designed to fit your specific requirements and will fully fit your event aesthetic.

    We are able to send out mass communications to all delegates within minutes, giving you the flexibility to contact guests as little or as often as you need.

    Over the course of an event life cycle, we typically send out; invites & reminders; agendas & bespoke joining instructions; teasers and promotional information; health and safety advice; personalised QR codes for badging; event app details; on the day notifications for directions, timings plus much more; as well as post event feedback forms.


    Data, data, data

    Using our online registration forms, we make sure that we have captured every piece of data we need to give your guests a seamless event experience, from dietary requirements and accommodation preferences, to travel arrangements and emergency contact info. We use this data to generate bespoke messaging for guests, build individual event schedules, and meet any special requirements they may have, across all communication types.

    Our delegate managers are able to pull meaningful data into reports for you, helping you stay informed about the progress of your event. We can share high level statistics for number of registrations, or provide in depth reports that will help you track patterns and trends amongst your guests.

    Of course, all this data is stored and handled in compliance with GDPR safety standards.


    On-site registration

    We can also provide a front of house service for onsite registration, headed up by our Event Technology Team. Our creatives will work with you to produce eye-catching and on brand badge and lanyard designs, in whatever shape or style suits you!

    Using our integrated delegate management software, we provide our clients with a fast track registration system that shares a unique barcode / QR code with each guest prior to the event, that they can then scan from any mobile device to print their own badge on arrival.

    Whilst ensuring the first touch point with the event is on brand, the lanyard/badge also allows your guests to network effectively by clearly displaying their name and company but also the badge ensures from a security point of view, you know who is attending if it’s a closed event and you wish to restrict access.


    Event App

    Through our event management software, we are also able to create bespoke event apps, which link directly to the delegate data. This allows us to bespoke the user experience and ensure all of our comms are integrated and completely joined up.

    On the app, guests can check their bespoke event schedule, access speaker bios, find out info on sponsors and exhibitors, find out their table number, as well as receive push notifications throughout the day.


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