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    Event Branding plays a big part in the successful delivery of your event’s key messages.

    Effective event branding gives your event an identity that can tie together different elements and reinforce the message being delivered. It should inspire and engage people as well as excite them to being part of event.

    The branding doesn’t need to be restricted to the venue itself, if you have the budget why not also include it at the airport and train station that your delegates are arriving into. This ensures can help to create a buzz around the event, even before the delegates have arrived.


    Digital & Print

    Gone are the days when the branding at an event was simply an ‘event guide’ handed out at registration! We use a mixture of both digital and printed solutions now at live events to ensure that the event branding is prominent for delegates to see.

    The branding used depends on the size of the event, from applying vinyl to the front of the venue to installing printed signage, our team are here to help.

    Our AV team can provide a wide range of digital screens options allowing you to simply dynamic branding.

    Thanks to our in-house creative team, we offer event logo design and custom artwork for stage sets, event signage, menus, letter heading, literature and promotional items such as branded clothing, merchandise, banners and flags.

    As well as design, we also offer print services, using our buying power to drive rate reduction on your behalf.


    temporary Structures

    We use a system called T3 that allows us to create temporary structures and baffle walls within a venue for branding purposes. This structure works with traditional foamex print as well as tension fabric and magnetic graphics which has become more popular in recent years.

    These structures can be in place throughout the duration of the event, but have different graphics applied to them throughout the day.


    To find out how we can help with the branding for your next event don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.


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