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    Calling the show, the way you want it.

    At Premier Events, we understand that the success of any live show or event hinges on seamless coordination, precise timing and flawless execution. That’s where our Show Caller Service steps in.

    Before the event, our experienced show callers invest time in pre-event preparations, ensuring every detail is in place for a flawless performance:

    Building a Detailed Run of Show (ROS):

    Our show callers craft a comprehensive ROS for each event day, outlining every moment to ensure a smooth and well-timed show.

    Deliverables List and Asset Tracker:

    Working with our Content Producers, our show callers review all content submissions, ensuring they meet specifications and are delivered on time.

    Detailed Run-through Calls:

    We schedule a series of calls with you to walk through the flow of the show in intricate detail. To maintain clarity, we recommend separate calls for each live show day.

    On the event day itself, our Show Callers takes charge; handling a wide range of responsibilities to guarantee a flawless performance, including:

    Running Rehearsals:

    Our Show Callers guide the technical team and presenters through the show’s sequence, marking cues, and ensuring everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

    Cues and Timing:

    From lighting and audio cues to graphics, video playback, stage movements, and more, our Show Callers control every aspect of timing to keep your event running smoothly.

    Adaptation and Problem Solving:

    In the face of unexpected issues or last-minute changes, our Show Callers remain cool under pressure, making real-time decisions to keep the show on track. This may involve adjusting cues, providing new instructions, or troubleshooting technical glitches on the spot.

    Constant Communication:

    Our Show Callers maintain constant communication with your show team, ensuring that every element of your event stays synchronized and coordinated.

    Reducing Your Stress:

    With a seasoned Show Caller onsite, you can breathe easy knowing that the technical and logistical aspects of your event are in capable hands. This allows you to focus on other critical aspects of your event, letting your creativity flow while we handle the rest.

    We’re not just show callers; we’re event orchestrators.

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