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P-VENT Frequently asked questions

We appreciate that online virtual event platforms are a new concept and so we take a look at some of the frequently asked questions here.

The best way to understand the platform is to have a demo, it takes about 10 minutes and there is absolutely no obligation to use it, we are technical event people – not sales people and so there really is no awkward ‘sales pitch’.

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Can I add my own logos?​

Absolutely, we will do this for your before the event


What else can be changed?

Nearly all of the elements in the platform can be customised for your event. This includes adding logos, changing colours and using images.


Do I have to pay for Branding?

No, our team will do this for you before the event.


Breakout Rooms

How many people can be in a breakout room?

We have a limit of 50 users per breakout room, you can have as many breakout rooms as you wish however.

We suggest no more than 12 people in any one room with their cameras on however.


Are they timed?

There is no timer showing, however we have the ability to move participants out of breakout rooms at a specific time or after a pre determined length of time.


Is there a chat?

Yes, users in a breakout room can post on a ‘chat’ module, ideal for those people with no webcam.


The Stream

What streaming service do you use?​

The embedded stream in the platform as standard is Vimeo. Its a super reliable service that allows us to ensure that its solid throughout the event.

We can also integrate other services such as Wowza, Boxcast or YouTube etc.


Can I view the stream in full screen?

Yes, there is the ability watch the stream in full screen, 90% width or in its native window.


Can I watch the stream on multiple occasions?

Yes, we have a watch-again feature that can be pushed live post-event


Are there any limitations?

We have found that some countries such as Thailand and China have blocked Vimeo. If your event is global our team can talk you through the options available to you.


Q&A Module

Can the Questions be Moderated?

Yes, our support team will be able to share the questions with you so that they are approved before going live on the site.


Can Questions be anonymous?

Yes, we have an option to let users ask anonymous questions. As admins, you can still see who asked the question.


How are questions displayed?​

We will create a branded full screen webpage which contains all of the questions asked. These can then be answered by the presenters and embedded into the stream if required.


Live Chat Module

Who can post?

All users have access to the live chat module


What can be posted?

Text, photos and GIF’s can all be uploaded to the live chat module


Can I reply to a post?

Yes, its possible to reply to all posts uploaded to the live chat module


Can chats be deleted?

Yes, if anything inappropriate is added to the public chat module we have the ability to remove it.


Can users be blocked?

Yes, we can do that if required


Platform Support

What level of support will I get?

We will provide you with 1 person from our team for each event day who will be the admin for the platform.


Can I pay for extra support?

Absolutely, if you think that you may need extra support we can provide this for you. This might be worth considering for large events with multiple sessions.


Can my team help with support?

Yes, we can create event admin logins for your team to help with the event.


How can users access support?

We have embedded a chat feature on all pages of the platform where users can speak to our team on the live event day.



Can I disable this feature?

Absolutely, we can turn this feature off its not something that you require.


Can I choose the Emoji’s?

Absolutely, just let us know which emoji’s you want available for your event.

You may want only positive emoji’s or a mixture.


Feedback Module

Can I customise the text?

Absolutely, we can change this before you before the event goes live.


Can I use this multiple times per event?

Yes, users can submit their feedback at multiple points throughout the event.


Post Event Reports

How much detail is provided?

We will send an excel file which includes every action that a user has completed on the server including:

Time online, chats posted, feedback left, emoji’s sent as well as device details that they used to access the event



What if my event spans 2 days?

For us, an event can take place in any 24 hour period. If you want to start at 01:00 and end at 00:59 we will count that as a one day event.


Why do you charge per user?

There is a cost involved in delivering this amount of data and so the more users that use the site the higher the cost.


Are prices + VAT?

Yes, all prices are +VAT at 20%



Is P-VENT reliable?

The platform itself is powered using Google servers, with multiple backups of each server in multiple locations.

It’s very rare that Google is down!

What Browsers are compatible?

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox

Are you GDPR Compliant?

Absolutely, let us know if you need to see any documentation.

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