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Black Wool Serge Drape

Drape & Starcloth


The cost to hire black wool serge drape varies depending on the venue, but is approximately £12.00 – £15.00 + VAT per metre, including the pipe and base support.


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    Our stock of black wool serge drape is ideal for adorning the walls of your venue as well as for creating false walls and closing off areas of the room thanks to its comprehensive blackout effect.

    As we use a thick drape, any unsightly wall decorations will be totally hidden.

    We often use our black drape alongside our black wool serge starcloths to maintain a consistent black theme across a venue – many clients choose to apply starcloth to a wall in the venue and to then use black drape to cover the remaining surfaces.

    When covering an entire venue, we use black painted wooden door surrounds to allow us to drape up to, and then over any fire doors. Fire exit signs are included, to comply with all health and safety requirements.

    The black drape is hung using a freestanding pipe and base mounting system, which allows us to build a series of telescopic goalpost-like structures in your venue to hang the drape from, in the same way that we hang our white pleated drape or starcloths.

    Our black wool serge drape comes as standard in 6m x 4m lengths and 4m x 4m. We also stock smaller sections to go above doors and fill small voids.

    Due to the nature of the drape and the pipe and base system, we can create custom lengths to suit your venue by folding back any unnecessary drape.

    To find out more about the Premier Events black wool serge drape, or to make a booking for your event, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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