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Elevate Your Event with Premier Starcloth Hire from Premier UK Events Ltd

Transform your venue into a mesmerising, star-filled night sky with our exceptional black wool serge ShowLED starcloths, renowned for being the best in their class.

Perfect for draping your entire venue or serving as a dynamic backdrop for DJs or bands, our starcloth hire service brings the magic of the night sky indoors.

How can our starcloth service help with your event?

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ShowLED Starcloths

Our ShowLED starcloth range has an adjustable controller, allowing you to customise each star’s brightness and twinkle speed, ensuring your event shines just the right amount. This unique feature sets our starcloths apart, providing an unforgettable ambience tailored to your specific event needs.

The installation of our starcloths is seamless and worry-free, thanks to our specialist pipe and base system. This innovative, free-standing, telescopic solution requires no attachment to the venue and can extend up to 5 meters in height. Safety is a top priority, so our starcloths are crafted from fire-retardant wool serge material, offering stunning visuals and peace of mind.

We offer versatile single and double-door traps for venues with specific requirements, enabling the starcloth to extend seamlessly above fire doors. This thoughtful design ensures a continuous, uninterrupted flow of the star-studded fabric throughout your venue, incorporating necessary fire exit signs without compromising style.

Understanding your venue’s unique dimensions and specifications is crucial for providing an accurate starcloth hire quote. We encourage you to share the dimensions of the walls and the number of doors requiring coverage. A detailed room plan from your venue can facilitate this process, although a site visit by our team may be necessary to assess your exact needs comprehensively.

Discover how Premier Events black starcloths can transform your next event into a starlit spectacle. 

For more information or to book our starcloth hire services for your event, please contact our friendly team. Experience the Premier difference, and let us help you create an event that truly shines.

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